Monday, June 11, 2012

6/11/12: Baton Show 2012

Lauren was in her second Baton Show the same day we had our Dance Recital.  She was great and performed in 2 numbers and the Finale!  She twirls under Maureen Dunn and really enjoys it.  Since I was a baton twirler it is great to see and the show brought back a lot of memories.
Here she is doing her horizontals.
 Here she is in her first number to the Mickey Mouse Club March.
 She did great and caught her roll over her neck and over her arm.
 One of their partner tricks.
 Their ending pose after they throw a kiss.
 Then there was a fire baton exhbition outside.  I used to twirl fire batons so this was fun to watch.
 The two of them in their formal picture for April Showers.
Ready to go!  I can't believe she remembered three routines, her dance routine and two for Baton at only 5 years old.
 Doing their routine.
 Ending pose.
 Here is some video of her three routines.
Then she was in the Finale with Glow Batons and got a trophy!

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