Friday, June 1, 2012

6/1/12: Sea World Fun With Shamu

I remember going to Sea World as a kid and basically remembering just shows.  Sea World is so much more now!  There are still the shows you know and love but there are also rides!  Plus a more relaxed pace.  We were at the one in Orlando and after numerous days at the Disney Parks it was nice to slow down a bit at Sea World.
What I also learned before our trip is that there is a Lynx bus #50 that goes from Downtown Disney to Sea World and is only $4.50 per person and kids 6 and under are free.  For $9 we had transportation back and forth from the park and didn't have to rent a car!
We started our day with taking the Sky Tower.  This raises you above the park so you can see everything in an air conditioned capsule.
 From the ride we could see Shamu Stadium which we were headed to next.
 And the roller coasters!  Here is Kraken.  I absolutely love roller coasters and these were worth the price of admission.  They were fantastic and I walked right on to them with no wait.
 Here is Manta which I also rode.  Loved it!
Then we headed to see the One Ocean Shamu show as I was eagerly awaiting seeing it.
 This show was fabulous!
 It is so amazing to see these large animals move through the water.
 So beautiful.
 It truly is a mesmerizing show.
 So beautiful.
 They are kissing!  So cute.  It is amazing how well these animals are trained.
 Absolutely awesome!
The kids posing with some Killer Whales.
 Love it!
Then we headed to the Sea Otter show, Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island.
 This is a comical and cute show that gives the animals some character.
 The kids got some giggles from this show.
 So cool.
 This walrus is awesome.  He is so big.
 Then we went to the Blue Horizons show.  This had dolphins, acrobatics, diving, and birds.
 So awesome!
 We loved the dolphins.
 There was also an area where the Dolphins live and the kids enjoyed watching them practicing their tricks.  They kept going up on this platform and rolling off.
 They are so adorable!
You can also feed the dolphins for an extra fee of $7 per person.  We decided to pet the Stingrays.
Plus you can walk through a Shark tank.
The kids in a shark mouth. 
Another cool experience is TurtleTrek in which you experience a 360 theater with 3D glasses and see life from the view of a turtle.  This was really cool and one of their newer attractions.  There are lots of cute places to pose and take pictures.
Now on to the rides.  There was a carousel of aquatic animals.  There were also carnival games and a huge climbing structure.
 A crab that bounces up and down.
And the roller coasters that I loved.  I am actually in this picture on Kraken.  This was an awesome ride!
 And here is Manta!
This is only some of what Sea World has to offer.  Check them out on:
Twitter:  @SeaWorld
Disclosure:  I was provided complimentary tickets to Sea World to review the Park.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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