Saturday, June 16, 2012

6/16/12: PhotoPass Pictures from Walt Disney World

I mentioned it in an earlier post that I always pre-purchase the PhotoPass CD of pictures from Disney and now I would like to show you some pictures to show why I do it.  We got over 400 pictures on our Disney PhotoPass CD and by the time I added backgrounds we had 625! 
First off if you go to Bippidi Boppidi Boutique there is a PhotoPass photographer in there that takes lots of pictures, and after across the way is a little shop that has a studio where you can take formal ones such as these.  I love them!
 So adorable!  As you can also notice you can add embellishments to the pictures such as backgrounds and signatures.
 Lauren posing.
 The big reveal.
 Checking out his hidden Mickey.
The other thing we love is the hidden surprises in pictures.  Generally if you ask the photographer there might be some hidden character that will be revealed when you see the pictures.  Here is Tinkerbell.
 I absolutely love this one.  They had Evan jump!  This was in Animal Kingdom.
 Holding Simba in Animal Kingdom.
 Evan holding Simba.
 Tinkerbell sitting.  The photographer did this as he saw she had Tinkerbell on her shirt.
 This is Lauren's favorite one from Epcot!  Stitch eating Ice Cream.  This was a new one we had not had before.
 So cute.
Of course you can also get pictures of the whole family by photographers.
 Animal Kingdom
 Hollywood Studios
 The castle at night, their photographers do this best.
Same with the Epcot Ball at night.
Love this background!
And they get some adorable pictures with the characters.
 Pirate Goofy.
Love this background.
Hugs for Minnie.
 And the PhotoPass Photographer was the one that provided these great shots allowing Lauren to pull up the Sword out of the Stone.

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