Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10/12: Truck Day in Burlington

This is our 7th year in a row going to Truck Day in Burlington at the Common.  We love it!  Though I could do without all the beeping.
 Here is Evan standing in front of the Fire Truck that is modeled on his shirt.
 Sitting in the Fire Truck.
 Evan loves Fire Trucks.  He had his birthday two years in a row at the Fire Station and it was a big hit.  Check with your local station and see if this is a possibility to bring kids in for a tour.  We did that for an hour and then back to the house for food and cake.
 We met up with our neighbors and took a picture with them.
 This was super cool, Evan got to turn this vehicle on.  He was psyched.
 Lauren sitting up high.
 Evan having fun.
 They really enjoyed sitting in these.
 Lauren posing for me.
 Evan is going to get the bad guys!
 They had such a blast plus we got to see tons of friends so it was a great day.

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