Thursday, December 5, 2013

12/5/13: Minecraft Plush and Paper Craft from Jazwares

Minecraft is super hot right now.  Evan is obsessed with it right now and plays it with his sister and friends all the time.  When I saw that Jazwares had come out with Minecraft plush and activities I knew it would be a hit with him and I was right!  Here is Evan with Baby Pig and Baby Mooshroom.
We actually had an event at McDonalds and Evan had to take his new friends.  Here they are on top of Fruit and Maple Oatmeal.
Here they are posing with a Grilled Chicken wrap.
And even with Ronald McDonald.  Evan has taken them every where since he got them and he sleeps with them in bed.
Evan loves seeing his favorite characters come to life.  He even acts out parts of the game with them.
There is also activities to bring the game to life.  We received this Paper Craft set which is super cool.  The Hostile Mobs set comes with 10 Gravel Bricks, 3 Creepers, 3 Zombies, 3 Witches, 3 Spiders, 3 Slime Bricks and 10 stickers.
The Paper Craft is made of strong cardboard and comes with several creapers which is cool.  We found that the blocks were pretty easy to put together by folding and tucking tabs in.  My son could handle them.
However the Creepers were more intricate and Evan needed help.  I found even by bending and pushing the tabs in some tape would be needed to keep the pieces together as they are 6 separate pieces that are all attached together.  It does take a while to put them together.
Here you can see more of their items setup.
I would definitely pick some up for your Minecraft fan.  Even adults would like them.
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Disclosure:  I received these two plush and Paper Craft kit for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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