Friday, July 11, 2014

7/11/14: Middlesex Sheriff's Office Youth Public Safety Academy

Evan has been participating in the Middlesex Sheriff's Office Youth Public Safety Academy this week.  It has been an amazing program for him as he dreams of being either a Police Officer or Fire Fighter.
It is a week long camp for kids 9-11.  Cadets participate in team building activities, learn about emergency preparedness and are introduced to law enforcement officials both at the Sheriff’s Office and their local public safety agencies.
One day they went to the Police Station and Fire Station.  Also every day they did fun activities and received breakfast and lunch.  It was an amazing value at only $75!  One day they went to the Boys and Girls Club and did obstacle courses.  Evan loved that.
Today was their graduation ceremony.
Here is Evan carrying his team flag in.  His team was called the Safety Squad.
Here he is bringing his team flag up.
Then they announced all the cadets one by one.  I love that they had to salute.
Evan getting his certificate.
Here he is very proud!
And of course boys will be boys, being silly.
All the graduates.
He really enjoyed the week and made some friends at camp.  I think it was a wonderful experience for him.
Here is some video of the graduation ceremony.
I highly recommend sending your kids if you get the chance.

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