Friday, July 18, 2014

7/18/14: Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park Fun

We took another family trip this past week, this time to the White Mountains, New Hampshire.  We love it there and have been going since the kids were very young.  This time we tried out Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park and loved it.  Evan commented how he loved being active there and enjoying fun rides.  
While Cranmore Mountain is great for skiing it also offers lots of fun during the summer.  Their Mountain Adventure Park and Aerial Adventure Park are awesome places to visit.  We started out with the Mountain Coaster.  This is a super fun ride where you control the speed of your coaster.  With an all day pass we could ride all the rides as many times as we wanted.
Love this as you slowly coast up to where you start.
Lauren was very excited, we ended up going on this about 4 times.
Here you can see Evan coasting down.
Here you can see more of the track.  It was super fun!
Next was Lauren's favorite ride.  It is like a big swing.  She went on this four times also.  A good tip is to try both sides of it as it feels different.
Here you can see this cord pulls you up and then lets go.
Next up is the Soaring Eagle.  This is basically a big zip line.  First it pulls you all the way back to the tip top and then you zip back down.  Super fun!!!
The kids both did the Bungy Trampoline.  They thought this was so much fun but a lot of hard work.
They got to do front and back flips and loved it.
Front flip time.
Evan did some flips too.
It was hard work getting the feel for flipping but they both got the hang of it.
There is even summer tubing.  You can race each other down this ramp.  It is like a water slide without the water though there is some spraying a little on the way home.  Someone working there told me that you get more wet on the one on the right.  You can also link tubes together so the first time the boys linked up and went against the girls.  The girls won!
Here is some video of everything:
We then went up on the Scenic Chairlift and it was so beautiful.  This was one of my favorites as I loved the views.  My pictures can't do it justice.
Here we are on our way up.
Such beautiful views.
Here we are when we got to the top.
It is absolutely breath taking up there.
The kids being explorers.
Saluting for me.
There is a restaurant up there that we ate at.  The food was really good.  Typical cheeseburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, but there was also a BBQ Chicken Panini that I had that was really good.  Here is the view as we ate.
Then it was time to head back down the mountain.
Then the kids did some more climbing.  This has a climbing wall on the outside and on the inside they climb netting and then go down a slide.  Another fun activity that challenged them but they loved it!
There are also some bounce houses.
The kids liked this obstacle course one.
They love racing.
There is also an Aerial Adventure Park which we didn't try out but it looked pretty cool.  Here is more information on it.
What a lovely day at Cranmore Mountain!  It was well worth the trip.
It is worth getting an All Day Pass as it saves you money.  You can see all the rides here.
Find them online:
Twitter: @CranmoreMtn
Disclosure:  I received four passes to the Mountain Adventure Park for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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