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7/19/14: Santa's Village Rides, Reindeer, and Santa!

Next up in our whirlwind tour of New Hampshire is Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH.  We go every year.  There are fun rides, shows, reindeer to feed and Santa!  Who doesn't love a little Christmas Cheer in July?  It is all of the fun of the holidays with no shopping involved.
They also just made the TripAdvisor List of Top 25 Amusement Parks!  Read more here.   This is pretty amazing as they are on the same list with Walt Disney World!  On the outside of the park is this super cute sleigh.  We always have to take a picture in it.
There is also a fun slide area.
We are ready for a fun day of holiday cheer.  The park is so clean and beautiful.  They even have Christmas Carols playing all day which I love!
When you enter there is Elf University.  You can go there and get a card to play the Elfabet game.  There are Elves all over the park that have letters that you punch your card with.  When you finish you get a little prize and certificate.  Here some real elves are giving the kids extra credit.
Here you can see the elves that are throughout the park.
We then headed over to the sleigh ride.  It is like a sky ride in sleighs.  It is a nice way to get an overview of the park.  You can see all the rides here.
One of our favorite parts of the visit is feeding the reindeer.  I love that this reindeer was posing for me.
The kids were having fun talking to the reindeer.
 Plus you can feed them.  They have little cups of treats you can buy for $1 each.  When we first went over we fed them carrots.
This is so cool to do.
Look at how beautiful they are.
There are also some games in there.  The kids like playing the ring toss and a game where you throw balls.
The kids giving the reindeer a thumbs up for posing with them.
So cute.
Another picture we always take to see how tall they are getting.
On to more rides.  A sleigh ride!
Antique car time.
Evan driving behind us.  They like that car wash area as bubbles come out.
Another fun swing ride.
There is also a water park called Ho Ho H2O.
There are water slides.
There is also a new Elf Lodge with a restaurant, changing rooms and rest rooms.
This is a great addition as they didn't have enough changing facilities before.  Plus they have some different food options.
Next up, back to more rides.  Here the kids are on the Red Hot Racers.
We love the roller coaster!  It goes around twice.
The kids like spraying water on the Fire Trucks.  You can either ride inside the Fire Truck or spray water as it goes up and down.
Another fun spot to pose.
We then went in to Santa's house to visit him.
Here the kids are telling him what they want.  Lauren asked for Isabelle the new American Girl Doll and Evan asked for a Monorail from Walt Disney World.  Santa spent a good amount of time with them and we didn't fell rushed.
He has another sleigh outside his house.
There is even a reindeer carousel!  How adorable.
Here are the kids on the chimney drop ride.
You have to make a gingerbread man or woman when you are there.
You can even be a gingerbread person.
The kids posing for me in the cupcake chairs.
You can also get a little metal ring.
The kids being silly.  Evan is holding our refillable cup.  For only $8.95 you can refill the cup all day for free with drinks or slushy drinks.
There are also tons of shows.  You can see them all here.  Here are the elf and penguin coming back from one of their shows at the end of the day.
Santa was part of the show too and says goodbye to everyone.
 What an amazing day!  We can't wait to visit again!  At $29 for adults and kids 4 and over it is a bargain!  If you enter within 3 hours of closing you can come back any other day also!

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Disclosure:  I received 4 tickets to visit Santa's Village.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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