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9/15/17: Fun on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

Next up from my California trip is a wonderful overnight aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  My son has always loved ships and was very excited for our visit.  I must say that it is such a unique experience to visit this wonderful ship.  This was our second visit and we had an amazing time.
There are many tours and exhibits that you can visit while aboard the ship.  We took the Glory Days Historical Tour, went to the 4-D Theater, Titanic in Photographs Exhibit, plus explored the Princess Diana Exhibit.  All the tours are listed on their website and packages of tours are available.
We enjoyed just walking around the ship.  Did you know that The Queen Mary is much larger than the Titanic?  We learned this on the tour along with some very cool facts about how it used to be on the ship.
The kids were taking control of the ship.
 It is so gorgeous!
We loved the views!
 Here is a beautiful view of the city from the ship.
Lauren enjoying the view. 
 So lovely at sunset.
We stayed over on the ship and it was a lovely room.  More information is here on staying aboard.
We started our adventure with The Glory Days Tour.  This is a great way to get a history of the ship and see different areas of the ship.  It was funny that we had the same tour guide we had our last visit 4 years ago.  He was very good and engaging.  Here is the banquet hall we were shown.  We also learned about several movies filmed aboard the ship.
We then went over to the Titanic in Photographs Exhibit as my son Evan is obsessed with Titanic and has been for a long time.
It was great to learn more about the Titanic and see cool photographs and artifacts.
Here are real rivets from The Titanic. 
 Some plates and bowls.
 We loved this exhibit.
  The Titanic Exhibit is in the same area as the Engine Room and 4D Theater.  The 4D Theater was fun for the kids with water and bubble effects.
 You can take an audio tour around these additional areas, we just walked around on our own.
 You can see the propeller of the ship.
We also checked out the Princess Diana exhibit.  There were  photos of the Princess plus a lot of memorabilia about her life.
We particularly enjoyed looking at all of her beautiful dresses.
 Beautiful picture from her wedding.
They even had a room with this awesome LEGO version of The Queen Mary along with LEGO tables.  This is made of 250,000 LEGOS and it took 600 hours to make!
 You can even get married aboard The Queen Mary.  Look at this beautiful area.
There are also many shops and restaurants on board.  We had dinner at Chelsea Chowder House and Bar and ate breakfast at their Midship Marketplace which served Starbuck's coffee.
 The kids being silly in one of the telephone booths.
They also have a lot of Ghost Tours on the ship that are fun and spooky to check out.
Here is a beautiful view of the submarine from the Queen Mary.  We toured the Submarine on our last visit but not during this visit.
It is so fun to experience The Queen Mary!  I highly suggest going on board and also staying overnight.
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Disclosure:  I was provided free tours on the Queen Mary in addition to a complimentary overnight.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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We have to go back again to see the ship when it is all repainted. -JJA