Sunday, September 24, 2017 Tips for Picking a Car

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Buying a car is such a long and arduous process.  My husband in particular looked at cars comparing features, prices and style for years before he recently purchased his Dodge Charger.  Back in the day it involved many trips back and forth to different car dealerships.  Now with the Internet and resources like the process has become a little easier as you can arm yourself with the right information before even entering in to the car dealership.  Read on for some tips from to get your dream car.
Tip #1:  Do your research!
On you can perform a search of different make/models and get more information including a Video Review!  The nice thing is you can see positive and negative reviews.
Tip #2:  Safety first!
Safety is of utmost importance.  Ensure you check in to safety features.  Especially if you have kids ensure you know how to install the car seats.  See some video and tips from on how they conduct car seat checks.
Tip #3:  Make sure that you shop multiple dealers!
Make sure to visit multiple dealers to get a sense of prices, options, colors, and availability.  This will allow you to get the best price.
Tip #4:  Don't rush!
If you rush you are bound to over pay and maybe not get some of the options that you wanted.  Take your time, investigate what features you absolutely want.  For me it would be options ABS, Brake Assist and the color blue!
Tip #5:  Attend local Car Shows.  
This is a great way to see so many different makes/models of cars in one place.  Plus you can get in to the car and get a feel of the features it has.  The best part is no pushy sales people.
Tip #6:  Test Drive the car.
Make sure that the car is right for you by test driving it and getting a feel for how it is on the road.
Check out before you purchase your next car!
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