Wednesday, September 6, 2017

9/6/17: Family Fun at Sea World in San Diego California

We recently returned from a whirlwind trip to California and we were lucky enough to include Sea World in San Diego as part of our travels.  There is so much to do an see including animal interactions, shows and even rides!
A great way to start your day is in by taking the Sky Tower.  This raises you above the park so you can get an overview of the lay of the land in an air conditioned capsule.
When you arrive make sure to check out the show schedule, or if you are a planner like me go to the website before you arrive and on the park hours page you can see the schedule.  I knew that the Dolphin Days show was first so we headed there first.

 It is amazing how high they can jump.

 They are such beautiful creatures.

Next we headed to Sea Lions Live.  This is a super funny and cute show.
 There were different little skits with Survivor, CSI, Dancing with the Stars and more.
I love this guy. 
I love roller coasters and so does Lauren.  We headed on to Manta and got right on twice in a row.  It was a great ride and Lauren loved it too.
We also headed to the new Orca Encounter.  This is only on the schedule once a day so keep an eye out.  It is a big stadium but get there early for a good seat, and I personally suggest sitting outside of the "soak zone".
This allows you to learn about the way Orcas behave.
 I loved that it was very educational and gave you a sense of how they hunt, communicate and play.
 Getting a snack!
 They are amazing animals!
There is also a huge video screen to give more of the story.
There is also an underwater viewing tank that we went to observe the Orcas swimming around.
 So gorgeous.
We also really enjoyed going to the Dolphin tank and hearing from the trainers and being able to interact with the dolphins up close.  I highly suggest checking times for this and heading there a few minutes early.  Here is Evan feeding a dolphin.
 Petting the dolphin's tail.

 How cute are they?
We also pet the stingrays.
 There is a shark encounter where you can walk through a tunnel of sharks.
There are tons of cute Sea Lions.  You can buy food to feed them.
 I love Beluga whales!
 There is even a roller coaster/water ride called Joutnry yo Atlantis which is so much fun!
There is even a kids play area and kids rides.
We had so much fun exploring!
 This is only some of what Sea World has to offer.  Check them out on:
Twitter:  @SeaWorld

Disclosure:  I was provided complimentary tickets to Sea World to review the Park.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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