Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7/27/11: Juice in the City BOSTON Area Local Business Consultants

Want to work your own hours with a home based career?
Want to help preserve high quality local businesses in your community?
Interested in joining a community of smart, fun women?
Help us Save Local and make the world a little bit better!
Juice in the City is still looking for moms in the Boston Area to become Local Business Consultants.  Do you know of great local businesses in the following areas in and around Boston:
North End
Beacon Hill
South End
Back Bay
South Boston
A LBC knows the local community, the local hot spots, the places to go and has ties to local vendors. The whole point of Juice in the City is to attract moms within their area participate more with their surroundings, get them out of the house and go have fun! LOCAL businesses are preferred as opposed to chains, rarely do we ever source deals for companies like Starbucks or Target. We know spending money in the community means the money STAYS in the community.
Go ahead and apply to be a Local Business Consultant.
Also Juice in the City has launched a 3 million dollar Groupfund.  See more details here.  "Juice in the City, the destination for deals experienced and sourced by moms for moms, today announces the launch of a $3 million Groupmom Fund. The fund empowers moms to put money into local businesses with the discovery of exceptional services and products for daily deals."  More information here also.
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Some information on Juice in the City:  Check out this video on how Juice in the City first got started here.
For another article that does a good job of describing everything from beginning to end, check out the article done by the Patch
History on Juice in the City:
Juice in the City was founded by two moms on Mother's Day in 2010. It's a unique deals site that supports local businesses while providing benefits to local moms. Our team is made up of moms who source deals based on their personal experience versus companies who hire teams that have never set foot in the businesses they represent. We believe in supporting the local economy while at the same time, empowering moms!
As co-founder of the daily deal website, Eisner is one of the most successful stay-at-home moms around. Now, with 11 markets up and running across the country, Eisner employs more than 150 people to source local deals for Juice in the City—and every single one of them is a stay-at-home mom, like her.  ”We are basically deals, done by and for moms,” Eisner explained. “We do not feature any businesses that local sales moms have not tried, personally. So, the moms source the deals themselves.”
In other words, Juice in the City features deals on the best local businesses in 11 markets across several states that are targeted toward moms. Think coffee shops, boutiques, summer camps, tickets to children’s shows, yarn stores, spas and more—all mom-tested and pre-approved, and all signed on by stay-at-home moms, whom Eisner calls her “local business consultants.” You know this is right up my alley as I love to share discount codes with you. They pay a generous guaranteed commission of $100 to $200 per each sourced deal with a chance to earn even more money.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I’ll receive compensation as a thank you for posting about the Juice in the City however all opinions are mine.

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