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7/14/11: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Disney World

Even though I already did my Disney posts a while ago I thought I would post one (maybe more) about our trip now that I received our Disney PhotoPass CD.  For this one I will focus on Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as it was our first time and I get a lot of questions as to our experience.  Here are the kids pre-Bibbidi Bobbidi.
I scheduled our appointement at 8:05 am at the Castle in Magic Kingdom which opened at 9 am.  Note that you can also have it done at Downtown Disney.  This allowed us to get in early and enjoy the quiet and Main Street being empty which I love.  The other thing it allowed us to do (major tip here) is to get in line for Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder right after.  With the popularity of the movie Tangled this is a must see and also a long wait (can be up to 3 hours) but since we were in the park before opening and done with Bippidi Bobbidi by 8:45 we walked right up and were the first in line.  Note that they take 25 kids at a time in to see Rapunzel and then hold the rest waiting for the next hourly meet and greet which means you could line up at 11 and possibly not see her till 2 based on backlog of people waiting.  Another tip is of course you should eat at the Castle the day you chose for Bibbidi Bobbidi which we went to for dinner.
We did this mostly for Lauren however I didn't want Evan to feel left out.  Luckily they have a Knights package which is quite afordable.  It is only $14.95 and they gave him a sword and shield which alone would have been $15 so it was well worth it and he loved it and loved all the attention he got all day.
 Here he is having fairy dust put on him by his Fairy Godmother.
Another tip is to have their Fairy Godmother sign their autograph book. They write something cute and in Lauren's put fairy dust and sprayed it on.
 The other nice thing is if you are going to buy the PhotoPass CD or have pre-bought it (which I suggest for $99 pre-visit) the photographers are buzzing around the whole time taking pictures and as you will see got some really cute ones.  Here is Evan having his big reveal!
 Checking out the Mickey in the back of his head.
A close up of the cool glitter in his hair.
Now for the girls they have several packages (see their website for more information here).  I opted for the Crown package which did not include the dress or crown which we brought from home.  Another tip:  Go to the Disney Store after Halloween and buy dresses.  I got this beautiful Snow White one for $16!  In Disney World this same dress would go for about $85.  Without the dress the package was $54.95 which included hair, nails, and makeup and a little goody bag to bring home.  They did also put some pretty Mickey jeweled bobby pins in her hair that went for $10 there and the pink hair (which she chose) also went for about as much if not more.
When you walk in they give you a piece of paper and let your daughter chose how they want their hair.  They can have a bun or as Lauren chose the addition of the hair poof (multiple colors).  They ask your child to make a wish and put fairy dust in their hair.
 Then for the big reveal!
 The final product.
 And of course a picture in front of the Castle.
And of course had to get a picture with Lauren's twin.
This was a prime picture day.  We went and saw all the Princesses and Mickey!
 And then right off to Rapunzel as I said earlier since we were there pre-rope drop (opening) which was well worth it.
All smiles!  Coloring while waiting for Rapunzel.  I would say Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was well worth it and I would do it again!

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Love it and they look fantastic...Memories of a great time ~ priceless!