Monday, July 11, 2011

7/9/11: Canobie Lake Park Fun!

We love Canobie Lake Park.  I have fond memories of going here when I was a kid, and now we love taking the kids every year with our friends (my neighbor growing up and her two girls).  The highlight of this trip for me was the new Roller Coaster Untamed!  If you didn't know, I LOVE Roller Coasters!  I even went to Cedar Point in Ohio and rode a ton of them there.  I am always looking for a bigger and better one.  Here is a couple pictures of Untamed, as you can see the first hill is pretty steep!
 You are pretty much flat on your back on the way up looking up which was a cool feeling, and then you drop.  Overall I liked it, however the climb up the first hill was as long as the rest of the ride.  It is just too darn short, but fun none the less.  There are some loops and inversions but they are very quick.
Here is a ride I LOVED as a kid!  The Caterpillar.  This is a lovely view from above on the Sky Ride.
Of course the kids also had a good time.  Here is Evan and our friends Haley and Aubrey on the Jungle Bounce.
Lauren on the Purple horse!
Another expansion since I was a kid is Castaway Island which is a water park.  Evan especially liked it.  It was a hot day and prime season for the park, however it wasn't crazy busy.
And we even made it to the Fireworks.  It was a pretty good show.
 And I just thought the Ferris Wheel looked cool at night.
 Remember there is still time to enter to win the Fun Pass for NE Attractions which includes a coupon for Canobie Lake Park! 

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