Thursday, August 2, 2012

8/2/12: Sunset Beach, NC Pictures of All the Kids

A tradition when in Sunset Beach is to get matching shirts for all the kids and take a picture of all the cousins.  You can see previous photos here.
 Trying to get 9 kids to look at a camera, smile, and not get sand in their eye is quite a difficult thing to do but we managed.
 Now sitting.
 This is sort of cool.
 The kids really did an awesome job for how many pictures we took of them.
 Evan and Lauren.
 Just the girls.
 Just the boys.
 The Aliberti immediate cousins.  These are John's sisters two sons.
 Walking on the bridge, almost time to leave Sunset Beach, NC.
 I love these with the water behind them.
 The goodbye shot.
 One cool shot on the beach today attempting a pyramid.

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