Friday, August 17, 2012

8/17/12: Make Your Backpack Your Own With Gutzy Gear

Well it is almost back to school time and one of the most important item every kid needs is their backpack.  I found a super cool product called Gutzy Gear that allows each kid to personalize their backpack with patches and show their personality. 
 Gutzy Gear is so easy to use.  You attach the Black straps to your own backpack with Velcro.  You can see those here on the sides in the picture.  Then add patches that just press on to the straps. 
 I was lucky enough to host a Gutzy Gear Back to School party.  Here are the kids putting the straps on their backpacks.
 Attaching their straps.
 Here are the patches.  Each pack contains two.  This was the fun part.  I had two of each set and of course more of the kids wanted certain ones, but we worked through it. 
 These are going to be a hot trading item as you can see here each of them checking out what others got to trade one from their pack with someone else.
 Lauren showing me her work.
The kids had a wonderful time putting these patches on their backpack.  They will be the envy of all the kids in school this year.
Of course the kids wanted to show me their backpacks.  These kids are ready for the new school year.
 Here is Lauren's completed backpack straps.
 Here is Evan's backpack.
 This is my favorite one - The Heart.  So cool.
You can check out the whole collection on the Gutzy Gear Website: You can also search there for where they are available near you, but Toys R Us and Kmart carry them. You can also order a Starter Kit here online for $19.99 which includes 3 strap covers, 1 rare patch, 6 patches (chose boy or girl) and 1 Sponge Bob patch.
What a wonderful party!  Everyone had a great time.

Find them on Facebook here.  Plus  go there by September 7th and tell them how you Go Gutzy for a chance to win prizes including more than 100 Toys 'R Us Gift Cards!

Follow them on Twitter: @GutzyGear
Disclosure:  I was provided Gutzy Gear to hold this party.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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