Thursday, November 1, 2012

11/1/12: Crayola Digital Light Designer Innovative Toy

When I was at Toy Fair I was introduced to the new Crayola Digital Light Designer.  Since I saw the demo of how it worked I was extremely excited to be able to try it out and include it in my Holiday Gift Guide.  You get to create with colored LEDs!  Crayola has really impressed me lately with all their innovative toys.  
 What we learned is that it came in extremely handy during our recent power outage during Hurricane Sandy.  The kids had a great time drawing on it and animating their designs.  I even had some fun playing with it.
 Evan trying it out.  The kids also learned that you can save your designs.  You can save up to 50 designs!  They loved this.
 There are games too.
 Here is a demo of it from Toy Fair to show what it is capable of.
It truly is an amazing toy and best shown through video.  This picture shows what the display looks like.
Lauren was really enjoying drawing on it.
I love her looks of surprise when it animates and when the games appear.  She got a hang of it pretty quickly and understood how it worked.
She is having a blast.
Here is Lauren showing me how it erases:
Now she is showing her friend how it works.
Here is more about it:
Using the digital light stylus, kids can select colors and line width to begin free-drawing anywhere on the domed surface. They can easily switch between 8 different colors, or erase and start over. Kids can then activate their creations with amazing special effects; making them spin, change colors, melt or even mix up the drawings.  Kids can even put their ideas into motion with two different animation modes; one for simple creations and another for more advanced animated features.  Up to 50 original masterpieces can be stored in the gallery so kids can create, change and replay their creations.
Extending the fun even more, the Digital Light Designer also comes with 8 different interactive games and activity apps.  Kids can spend hours creating or just doodling with Rainbow Draw, magically duplicate their creations with Mirror Draw, create funny animated faces, play interactive mazes and so much more!  There’s even amazing drawings included, so kids can experience jaw-dropping effects right out of the box.  There so many ways for kids to discover the fun of creativity with the Crayola Digital Light Designer. 
I highly recommend this toy for hours of fun.
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Disclosure:  The Digital Light Designer was provided for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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