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11/24/12: Zing Toys Air Storm Z-Tek Cross Bow, Pop Rocketz, and ZeeBeez

Next up in my Holiday Gift Guide is Zing Toys Air Storm Toys including the Z-Tek Cross Bow, Pop Rocketz, and ZeeBeez.  They are a fun array of toys for kids and with movies like Brave it makes cross bows fun to play with.
Evan and Lauren had fun setting up the target and trying to hit it.  I will warn you that the target is the backing in the package that the Z-Tek Cross Bow is attached to so make sure to remove it carefully.
The Z-Teck Cross Bow is the newest addition in the Air Storm line with POWER-SWING ™ technology, amazing accuracy, and 3 stick-anywhere ZARTZ™. 
 Lauren concentrating to shoot.
 Here is Evan loading the Crossbow.  As you can see with his tongue hanging out that this took some strength but he was able to do it.
It features an innovative extension application that offers two distinct firing modes, short range and POWER-SHOT. While in short mode watch as the arrow shoots up to 35ft, perfect for tight spaces.  This is what we used inside.
Then switch to POWER-SHOT mode and see the distance nearly double to almost 45ft!
 You can pick your own target or use the bull's eye target that is included.  The amazing ZARTZ™ will stick to tons of surfaces for 15-30 seconds then auto-releases.
Here is some video:

Next up is Air Storm Pop Rocketz™ which would be a great stocking stuffer.
 It is a small little air-powered rocket launcher that blasts foam rockets up to 50 feet.  Since they are foam they are safe for launching inside and outside.
It comes with 3 rockets.
The last item is the ZeeBeez which is a fun little toy for kids and also a great stocking stuffer.
The original spin, pop and catch toy that jumps up to 6 feet.  You turn them inside out and then turn them as you drop them flat on the ground.  They then pop up in the air and you can catch them.  They come in 4 colors and 6 different designs.  It made both of my kids giggle as they tried to catch it.
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Disclosure:  I received these toys for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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