Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/12: MagnaColor 3D Magnetic Design Studio

Next up in my Holiday Gift Guide is the MagnaColor 3D Design Station from Tech4Kids.  My kids love to create and do crafts so I knew they would like this.  Plus they had seen the commercials on TV and were very excited to try it on their own.
 The first cool thing about it was clearing all of the little magnetic dots and shaking it to watch them sort in the back to go in to the right pen.  As a parent this was the first thing I was concerned about as I saw small pieces.
 It is pretty cool to watch as all of the magnetic color disks go to the right area in the back.  They are all different sizes and will trickle down to the right spot as you shake the device back and forth.  Then you just slide them over to the pens to load them.  Also this set only comes with 4 pens including Red, Orange, Yellow and Green.  There are refill packs that can be bought that have Pink and Blue.
Plus you can view your design in colorful 3D with the included 3D glasses.  This is always a crowd pleaser.
You can either create a single spot or make trails of multiple dots by running the pen across the screen.  Evan who is 7 was really good at making multiple dots in one sweep.  Lauren who is 5 took a little bit to figure that out and to get it to work properly.  You can also layer dots and put smaller ones on top of the bigger ones.  The stencil makes it so easy to follow and put them in the right spot.
 Here is their finished design.  My daughter is a bit of a perfectionist and had issues with the dots that weren't exactly in the lines so she kept moving them to go in to the right place.
 The Magnetic Design Studio comes with:
Special designed magnetic drawing studio with screen sweeper
4 Design stencils
4 Unique colored pens
160 Pieces of 3D magic dots in 4 different colors.
1 Pair 3D Ultra Vision glasses
Features self contained sort and store system, no mess solution to activity toys.
Other Design Packs (Refills) are in a variety of themes:  8 Designs including Rainbow Sky, Midnight Garden, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, or Dora. Include a pen and 100 Pcs of 3D Magic dots of a specific color. Unique drawing designs.
They can be bought at Amazon and Toys 'R' Us
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Disclosure:  I received this toy for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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