Friday, November 2, 2012

11/2/12: Harvey Building Products Showroom Visit

We have just undertaken a huge renovation to our home.  To me this is very overwhelming as there are so many decisions to be made.  I personally need to see things to really visualize how they will look, and a small piece of tile, or piece of siding makes it very difficult for me to think of how that would look covering a floor or house.  I was extremely thrilled when I was invited to an event at the Harvey Building Products Showroom in Burlington, MA.
Not only can you see full facades of houses, you can touch and feel products that your contractor might use.  I know when our contractor speaks sometimes it sounds like a foreign language because I have no idea about deck materials, or windows.  I love that you can go in to this showroom and ask as many questions as you want and are under no pressure to buy because they don't sell to the public.  They sell to contractors.
We also had a special treat as the Boston Globe's "Handyman on Call" columnist Peter Hotton came to the event to speak with us.  He was fantastic and you could tell right away that he is a real straight shooter.
I personally was interested in deck materials as that is one renovation we are doing.
 I seriously love this solar powered post.  So cool looking!
I love how everything is displayed in a mock home so you actually see what the door would look like on a home.
 Isn't this detail beautiful?
 I also learned that their philosophy is that the Customer is always right.  Who doesn't love that?
 Love this.
I was at the Burlington Showroom which is at 1 Wheeler Rd. (overlooking Rt. 128, Exit 32 Middlesex Turnpike, former Tweeter building), Burlington, MA 01803 however you can find other showrooms hereThey have windows, doors, patio rooms, siding, roofing, decking, railing and wood flooring on display.  I also was looking at windows as we are replacing some of our larger ones and all of our windows are Harvey and we love them.
 I love again that you could see the inside and outside.
 Plus now I feel like I can talk to my contractor more intelligently.
I highly recommend you go there and get some ideas for projects you could do yourself or if you are thinking of renovations to your home this is the perfect place to go to get ideas.
You can find a contractor approved by Harvey here: if you are interested in pricing, timing, very specific questions to your own home improvement/renovation projects.
You can also check out more photos of the showroom on Pinterest here:
Follow them on Twitter here: @harveybp
Disclosure:  I received a gift bag and was treated to lunch however this did not influence my opinions of Harvey Building Supplies.


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