Sunday, May 19, 2013

5/19/13: Happy 8th Birthday to Evan

Today was Evan's 8th Birthday Party at the Boys and Girls Club.  He wanted an Angry Birds Space theme and to have fun with his friends in the pool.  It is hard to believe that my little baby boy is 8 years old!  Where did the time go?
Here he is with all of his friends at the party.
First they started out in the pool.  This year instead of giving a goody bag with lots of little things I did one Sand Pail with goggles, water squirters, Angry Birds cookies, and a sand play piece.  
 The good thing about this is the kids could use the goggles in the pool and use the water squirters.
 I found out from many of the kids they had elaborate games they planned out at school that they would play with the water squirters.
 Most of their games centered around boys vs. girls.
 Lauren having fun.
 The kids had a lot of fun in the pool.  IT is nice too that the Boys and Girls club provides the life guard for the party and also the rings that the kids are floating in.
 Here you can see the pails that they got along with the cake and cupcakes I made.  I got the silver color of the planet by using Duff's edible spray paint in silver.  It worked awesome.
Here is a closer picture of the cake that was a ton of fun to make.
 Then it was on to pizza time in the party room.
They really worked up an appetite being in the pool.
 Cake time!  I love making the kids cakes and making them lots of fun.
 Here is Evan with the cake.  I love how they put the 8 candle on the top of the planet.
 Evan getting sung too.  There is his sister next to him.
 Time to blow out the candles.
 The kids really liked the cake.  They all wanted a piece of the silver planet.
 Evan and his sister.  They got to play in the gym after cake time.
 We did presents at home.  Here was one of his favorites.  A new Angry Birds Space one that he didn't have.  Amazing, I thought we had them all by now.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful boy Evan!

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