Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6/13: Clifford Bubble Science from The Young Scientists Club

I always loved science when I was a kid.  There were such cool experiments you could do and learn at the same time.  The Young Scientists Club has come up with some really cool kits using some of your favorite characters like Clifford to teach science to kids.  We received the Clifford Bubble Science Kit and the kids had so much fun with it.  Read on and you can win a Young Scientists Club kit of your own.   
Honestly who doesn't love bubbles?  When we go to the Children's Museum in Boston we always spend a fair amount of time in the bubble room.  Now we have the bubble room at home to explore with.  Here is everything the kit comes with.  

 Emily Elizabeth is the narrator of the 20 page manual that steps you through many exciting experiments.  We started by pouring some of the bubbles in to our measuring cup to put it in to the experiment tray.
 Some of the experiments include oil and water, water bubbles, jumping pepper, gliding boat, bubble sculptures, big bubbles, mini bubbles, funnel bubbles, colored bubbles, bubble prints, bubble blow art, pipe cleaner bubbles, and carbon dioxide bubbles.  Here are Evan and Lauren starting out a bubble sculpture. 
 They loved creating.
 They kept seeing how large they could make the bubbles.
Check out this big bubble.
 Lauren liked this one.
 Here is Evan trying out one of the other experiments.  You can also Like The Young Scientists Club on Facebook, where they post weekly free experiments! 
 As you can see where this is going with the position of Lauren's straw.
 Evan testing out some of his ideas.
 Lauren trying it out.
 They also used pipe cleaners to make bubbles.
 Plus many straws to create smaller bubbles.
 Seriously how much fun is this and scientific at the same time?
The entire line of Clifford science kits has just won the Tillywig Toy and Media Brain Child Award, given only to “exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning!”  

 Other Clifford kits include Rainbow Science kit with colorful lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, pipette, and funnel to perform their experiments.  There is also a Kitchen Science kit; featuring an exploding Volcano!  There are other kits named Weather Lab and The Wonders of Nature kit. Young Scientists get to spin a pinwheel, make a tornado in a bottle, swirl a paper snake, recreate the water cycle, create a rain cloud, use a sundial, construct a barometer, catch a rainbow, and learn about the greenhouse effect.
You can win one of the following 4 kits:  Clifford Rainbow Science, Clifford Bubble Science Kit, Clifford Kitchen Science, or The Magic School Bus The Wonders of Nature.  Enter in the Rafflecopter below.
Disclosure:  I received this Clifford Bubble Science Kit for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.
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JohnZ said...

My son always asks why all the Play Doh ends up the same color after its all mixed together....

Debby Chandler said...

we really haven't started on science yet but I want them to have fun with it.

Tamar said...

At home experiments, but we haven't done much either as my oldest is 3

robyn paris said...

we use science in the food we make

nickieisis3 said...

nature walks incorporating observations and questions

ElizabethT said...

I love that there are science kits gears for kids as young as mine. These look like so much fun!

Miranda W. said...

We like to do hands on experiments from time to time. I have a box with cards that have some on them.

Katie said...

We watch educational shows to get them interestd and then apply what we learn on visits to botanical gardens and the zoo

sweetsue said...

Right now I give mini biology lessons by watching animals and insects.

Audrey Griffis said...

we love nature and explore often- bugs ponds fish flowers

Diane W said...

We have a book that identifies birds, one on trees, and one on insects. If we see something interesting while outside we look it up. One question often leads to another.

Kelly H. said...

We like to go exploring

Leslie S. said...

I home school my 4 kids so we turn many things into science lessons.We love to go on nature hikes and do little experiments.We also cook a lot together and use that as a lesson on reactions of different foods together.

Deb S. said...

I was a science major so I'm always thinking up experiments to teach them things.

April Bever said...

we love to investigate animals and study nature

tavernie said...

We use science in the kitchen while fixing meals!!
ptavernie at yahoo dot com

laurasloves said...

We go on nature hikes and also by teaching them little things like how to mix two colors to make one or how you can grow a potato with the eyes.
Laurie Emerson
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com