Saturday, May 4, 2013

5/4/13: Wummelbox Fun Activity Box for Kids

I recently received a Time Travel Wummelbox.  If you don't know what a Wummelbox is, it is a themed box of craft projects.  I personally love doing crafts with my kids but don't have a lot of creativity for what types of crafts to do so it is makes it really easy when they come packaged for me.
 Wummelbox is the European-style arts and crafts subscription service for kids.  Each has a theme and makes 3-4 projects with instructions.  The Time Travel Wummelbox includes 3 arts and crafts for kids to travel back in time and explore the Stone Age.  
 It includes a time machine to paint and decorate, a cave painting craft, and a Hunter and Gatherer game.  All Wummelbox materials meet the highest European and U.S. standards for toys and are eco-friendly.
 Here is Lauren painting her stamp.  It comes with the paints, foam pieces to attach to the wooden disks and material to stamp on to.  My kids love painting so they loved this.
 Now Evan painting his.  I like that the kids can be creative with these tools and have fun and learn a bit.  It starts a dialog about Cave Men with the little booklet that talks about the time period.
 Lauren stamping.
 Evan stamping.
 Here is Evan painting the Time Machine.  It is funny that it had a Time Machine as we just watched Back to the Future with the kids so they were very familiar with going back in time.
Lauren putting it together.  It was extremely easy to connect the pieces together.
Evan working on some of the dials too.
Their completed Time Machine.
Here is Evan cutting out pieces for the Hunter and Gatherer Game.  I will say that the safety scissors that came with the box did not cut through the felt and I had to get a regular pair of scissors.
 This is a super cute game with a Mammoth that you role dice to get to.
 Here are some of the felt cut outs.
 The kids had a great time.
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Disclosure:  I was provided a Wummelbox for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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Sarah Peppel said...

What great pictures. So glad your children enjoyed the crafts. Looks like they are doing an awesome job.