Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/11/14: School Recorder Concert

Evan is in the Third Grade and apparently with the third grade brings playing the Recorder in Music Class.  While I was nervous for squeeking hurting my ears I was excited to see Evan play an instrument.  Plus to my surprise there is a Third Grade Recorder concert.
I have to say I had no idea what to expect however I was pleasantly surprised.  It was super cute and the kids did an awesome job!
Plus they played a song I would have never expected, We Will Rock You!
Evan was all smiles.  You can see him in the turquoise and black shirt.
They really listened and were amazing.  Great job to their music teacher also.
Here they are doing This Land Is Your Land.
Here is some video, this one made my Mom tear up:
Two of the songs were written by a music teacher.  Here is Rise and Shine:

This is School's Out:

  You must have the song Hot Cross Buns in a Recorder Concert.

What a great concert!
We loved it!  
Great job to all the kids!  I can't wait to see them evolve on their musical journey!

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