Friday, June 13, 2014

6/13/14: GymStreet USA Under The Sea Gymnastics Show

Today Lauren had her Gymnastics Show at GymStreet USA.  She has been on Pre-Team for many years but recently decided to take a break and go back to recreational classes.  She is having fun and enjoying Gymnastics and I think really needed the break.  It is extremely hard to be on a Gymnastics Team and participate in as many other activities as she does.
 We went straight to her show from her baton twirling recital practices so it was a very buys day.  I was happy to see how smiley she was marching in with her group.
 She has great positioning.
 Here she is on bars.  She has always enjoyed bars.
Then it was beam time. 
 Flipping off the beam.
 Floor work time.
 She was very excited to show off her skills and had a fun time.
 It was nice seeing her so excited! 
 Good job Lauren!
 Great job to all the kids that performed and to all the staff.  They were all awesome!

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