Saturday, June 14, 2014

6/14/14: Lauren's Baton Twirling Show Let It Go

Today was Lauren's Baton Twirling Show.  The theme was Let It Go and Twirl.  Lauren had her first solo and did an amazing job!  Here is her smiling face after she went!
She had no drops which was amazing since she only learned this routine over the last few months.  I was a twirler as a kid too and I know how hard this is to go out on stage by yourself and she was a pro!
She looked beautiful and was so energetic on stage.  She also learned a one spin this year which is tossing the baton up and spinning once and catching it.  She caught it in her routine!
I was beyond proud of her!!!
Here is some video:
She also did three group routines.
Here is her team.  This is their second year twirling together, though Lauren has been twirling for four years.
They started off with a routine they did in competition the last two years, Disney Parade.  I am not going to share video of this one or Surf's Up as they are already in this post from competition..
She again was all smiles and so excited to perform.
They won in competition with this routine before.
What a great job they did, no drops!
Then they changed in to their Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikinis for a Surf's Up Routine from competition and an Itsy Bitsy Routine.
Surf's Up uses lots of props.  They have surf boards, batons, shaker batons, beach balls and hoops!  This is a Show Twirl Routine.
Here they are with their hoop batons.
They did an awesome job with this routine also.
Twirling their shaker batons.
Surf's Up!  You can't see it, but she is on her surf board.
Then they did their Itsy Bitsy routine.
Super cute!
Fantastic job!
Here is some video of Itsy Bitsy:
Last but not least they came back out for Finale.
Finale is where all the groups do a little something and then all come out together.
So awesome!
Here is some video of Finale:
Lauren has come so far in the four years she has been twirling!
The Coach Mrs. Dunn was retiring so all the girls sent in pictures for a slide show in her honor.
They got little bags at the end with shirts and a stuffed animal.
Great job to all the baton twirlers!

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