Monday, June 9, 2014

6/9/14: Dance Recital 2014 Game Night

Over the weekend we had our annual Dance Recital for Ellen's School of Dance.  This year the kids were in a lot of dances and it was so fun watching them!  The theme of the show was Game Night.  Lauren did Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.  Evan did Hip Hop.  They were also both in the Finale.  They loved being on stage which was wonderful.
First Lauren started with Tap and their number was called ABC Letter Game.  It was super cute.
They started the routine by small groups singing parts of the ABC Song which was super cute.
Then they went in to their Tap Dance.
Lauren is so good at Tap.  This is her second year and as a Tapper myself (I take an Adult Tap Class) I was happy to see her having fun.
The girls did wonderful.
They did so well with their lines, and their steps.
Here is some video of Tap:
Then Lauren had Jazz.  
Here she is posing for pictures during Dress Rehearsal day which is the only day we can take pictures.
She really loves Jazz as she likes to bounce around and shake.
She told me this was her favorite routine.
Shake it up.
Here you can see all of them on the stage.
Here she is with one of her friends from school.  
Here is some video of Jazz:
Then it was on to Ballet.
Their number was called Pretty Pretty Princesses.
They were so adorable.
I love Lauren's extension and looking at her hands.
Look at that smile and perfect hand position.
How adorable are they all together?
Here is some video of Ballet:
 Then Evan had Hip Hop and he was awesome.  It is his 3rd year doing Hip Hop and I couldn't be happier he wanted to do it.  He asked me the first year if he could do it.
They did a number called Hip Hop Don't Stop 3DS.
It had some Pac Man music in it and some robot moves which were awesome.
The kids were so great.
All the boys were fantastic!
Their moves were super cute and it was a great routine.
Here is some video of Hip Hop:
Last but not least was Finale which they were both in.
Here is Evan with one of his classmates.  They have known each other since pre-school.
In this routine girls danced with boys and it went through the years.  They did a 50's routine and then came out later again and sang parts of Celebration.
It was the absolute cutest routine.  Lauren danced with a classmate and Evan danced with his sister.
They were so adorable spinning in and around.
So cute!
Here you can see all of them for the 50's part.
Then they came back out.
Here you can see everyone!  There were a lot of dancers.
At the end streamers shot out and the kids loved that.
Here is some video of Finale:
It was another awesome year of Dance and the kids already can't wait for next year!

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