Sunday, December 13, 2015

12/13/15: Zoomer Dino Jester and Chomplingz Z-Rex Review

We have always loved toys from Spin Master and their Zoomer line is awesome.  We recently received Zoomer Dino Jester and Chomplingz Z-Rex.  The kids had some fun playing with them both and giggling as they let out dinosaur farts!  Yes that is what I said, they fart. 
Jester is a Jokeasaurus.  One of my favorite things to make him do was to become hypnotized.  Wave your hand in front of his nose and his eyes will turn white and he will start following the motion of your hand.  Then he was clucking like a chicken, barking like a dog and letting out a moo.
He can be controlled by the controller or go out on his own.  He will spin around, chomp, roar and use his sensors to find fun at every corner.
I love that you plus him in via USB to a computer or in to a wall USB connector.  No going through tons of batteries.  
You can even use the remote to record and playback movements.  Evan is having him attack Lauren.  Watch out Lauren!
Plus he has a friend, Zoomer Complingz Z-Rex the trouble maker.  You can toss him his bone and watch him catch it.
Or pull his tail but watch out what comes out!
He also has a Hot Hands game where you try and get your hand out of his mouth before he chomps down.  His sensor on his nose is very responsive and sense when something is in front of him.  He takes 3 AAA batteries for operation. 
Even our Elf got caught by Z-Rex.  Poor Charlie the Elf.  Z-Rex that is not a bone!  It is our Elf on a Shelf!
Here is Zoomer Dino Jester as packaged.
Here is Zoomer Complingz Z-Rex.  
They are both great gifts for any dinosaur lover on your holiday list.
Disclosure:  I received both Zoomer Dino Jester and Complingz Z-Rex for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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