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12/19/15: Skyrocket Toys Candy Craft Chocolate Pen Review

Put a toy together with chocolate and it is bound to be a hit with kids.  We recently received Skyrocket Toys Candy Craft Chocolate Pen for review.  Lauren was anxiously awaiting the delivery of this cool Chocolate Pen.  We watch a lot of decorating shows on the Food Channel and I also cake decorate and make chocolate molds for the kids birthdays so I think this is why Lauren is so interested in it.

   This Chocolate Pen is a motorized pen that dispenses real liquid confectioner’s chocolate in multiple colors.  You can use it with molds, or design your own creations with it.
Here is what the set comes with.  There are four tubes of chocolate including pink, blue, brown and white, small plastic bags for your creations, the chocolate pen itself which requires 2 AA batteries, three molds, and 4 tips and clips.
We first tried out the pink.  Of course Lauren picked pink, it is her favorite color.
The first step is to put the tube of chocolate in to hot water.  Kids will need a parent's assistance during this part.  I heated some water in the microwave to make it hot and we put the tube in.  You can take the tube out and kneed it to see if it has softened up.  If it isn't melted put it back in the water.  The consistency is key because if it is not thinned out enough the chocolate pen will jam.  We learned this the hard way.
Here you can see the blue chocolate thinned out.  Press all the chocolate to the bottom and cut the top off in a straight line.
Put the tip in to the bag.
Then put the clip around the base of the tip.
Now it is ready to load in to the Chocolate Pen.  Make sure to put the stopper in to the tip to ensure the chocolate doesn't spill out during this step.  I learned this the first time when I did the pink and forgot it and pink chocolate was going everywhere.
Now your chocolate pen is loaded and ready to go.
There is a switch to turn it on and now you are ready to go.  Here is Lauren making some hearts.  You should do this on wax paper or parchment paper but I didn't have any in the house so we used tin foil.
Then Lauren moved on to the molds.  You just need to fill the molds.  You can also do multiple colors if you want.
Once they go in to the molds just pop them in the freezer for about 5 minutes and they set.
Here are the lips Lauren made.
Here is the Lauren I wrote with chocolate.  It takes a little getting used to.  Lauren had a hard time writing with it but got better when she did the hearts and didn't try to write words.
Here is the L.
Lauren trying out the chocolate.  She liked the taste of it.  The pink is white chocolate.
Here it is as packaged.  Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $29.99.
Disclosure:  I received the Chocolate Pen for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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