Friday, July 15, 2016

7/15/16: Dance Ovations Nationals in Cape Cod

Lauren has been on the competition dance team at Ellens School of Dance for two years and this year the team went to Dance Ovations Nationals in Hyannis, MA.  This year she competed in a Junior Jazz and Tap routine and a Mini Jazz routine.  Her Mini Jazz took first place overall and is now Dance Ovations Nationals Champions!  Here is last year's blog post on when we competed in Dance Ovations Regionals.
We started out the week at Nationals with Space Invasion competing.  This is her Junior Jazz team.  This is a cool routine and I love their makeup.  They wear silver lipstick and eye shadow.
All of the girls are aliens in this routine and the one boy in the routine is an astronaut.
They did an awesome job receiving a High Gold adjudication in addition to a Judge's Choice "Perfectly Packaged" Award.
Here is her team being given their Judge's Choice Award.
Here is some video of that routine from one of the other competitions.
Next up was Radio Remix.  This is their Mini Jazz routine.  This routine is adorable and they do an awesome job with it!
Lauren was excited to dance in this one.
Not only did they do a fabulous job but they got an "Absolute" adjudication which is the highest! 
 Plus they won first overall making them Nationals Champions!
Here is video of that routine.
Last but not least was Jukebox Rock.  This is her Junior Tap routine.  She is getting so big now and mature.  She does her own makeup.
This is an adorable routine and they did an excellent job.
They got a High Gold adjudication which was great.
What a super cute team.
Here is video of Jukebox Rock.
Here are a lot of the girls after awards.
The nice thing is that the girls had some down time to enjoy the pool and Cape Cod.  Here they are during the team pool party.
Lauren with some of her friends from her team.
A dance friend warming her up.  All of the older girls are so sweet and so nice to the younger ones.  Lauren really look up to them.
There was even a pizza party for everyone competing in Nationals.  Here is our team ready to go to it.
The first two nights the kids all went to master classes.  They got to learn jazz, hip hop, Broadway, and lyrical and had a blast.
Dance Ovations is all about making "Forever Friends".  Lauren was called up along with another girl and got to make a forever friend and receive a t-shirt.  What a great competition!  So much fun for the whole team!

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