Sunday, April 1, 2012

4/1/12: Crayola Story Studio Barbie and Star Wars Review

We got to check out Crayola Story Studio products recently.  I was lucky enough to preview some of the new amazing products Crayola is coming out with at Toy Fair so stay tuned for more.  Lauren got to try out Barbie Story Studio and Evan tried out Star Wars Story Studio.  This would be a great Easter basket gift.
 What is super cool about it, is with a access code that is provided in the package you take your child's picture and you upload it on the Crayola Website and they morph it in to a cartoon character for your story.  You can customize aspects of the face and accessories online.  You can also choose which story based on the theme you have that you would like.  The nice thing is you can do this multiple times as you print your own book on your printer with the paper and cover sheet that Crayola provides in your package.  They also provide a binding clip to put your booklet together.
 In the package you also receive Crayola products to color your book.  Lauren got 15 colored pencils with hers and Evan got 15 markers in his.
 Here is Lauren with one of her semi-finished pages that she colored.  She is the ballerina in the front of the picture.  It also adds your name in to the story.  She really loved the fact that the cartoon character looked like her and she could color her to match her hair and eye color.
 Here is Evan with his.  He really loved coloring it too and can't wait to make more stories including him.
 Here is the Barbie Story Studio in the package.
 And the Star Wars one.
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Disclosure:  These products were received for review purposes.  No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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