Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/12: Yackety Smack Game from ThinkFun Review

 I posted recently about PathWords Jr. from ThinkFun and here is another winner.  This game is called Yackety Smack and is hysterical to play!
 There is a little device that you can see Evan holding here that you record two sounds in to and then try to match your cards to the sounds recorded.
 You know kids love recording themselves and really got a kick out of playing this game.  They were giggling the whole time and so was I.
Even Fred our dog got in to the action. 
 Both of my kids loved playing this game and ask over and over to play it again.  I am not going to lie, of course the kids had to use some amusing sounds. There is a card with a Question mark that they can make any sound they want.  Of course my kids went for the fart sound.  They loved playing that one back.  Some of the silliness is on video here:

The splat card was a fun one too.  The other two cards are a singer and a person doing karate. 
What a fun game!
 More about the game from ThinkFun:
La-la-laaa! Splat! Yackety Smack is the uproarious family game you customize by recording your own wacky sound effects! Players compete to spot the cards that match the goofy sounds they’ve recorded – spot a correct match, slap the Sound Smacker, and take a turn recording your unique contribution! Yackety Smack keeps you on your toes, encourages creativity, and is a knee-slapping party game for the whole family! Includes • 1 Sound Smacker (voice recorder) • 60 Yackety Smack Sound Cards (15 of each style)
You can also watch a video here about the game:
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Disclosure:  I was provided this game for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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