Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/7/12: Lauren's Hello Kitty Gymnastics 5th Birthday Party at GymStreet USA

Lauren decided this year she wanted to have her birthday party at a place she spend lots of time doing Gymnastics, GymStreet USA.  She also wanted Hello Kitty as her theme which I was happy with as it made for an easy cake to make.  The party was a huge success and Lauren had an awesome time along with all her guests.
Here she is with her Hello Kitty Cake.
 Here are all her guests.  Every year I go back and forth if we should have the party at our house.  Up until last year we had all of our kid's parties at home, but I have realized the benefit and the non-worry about weather is worth having it some where.  The kids have a great time, you have people who do most of the work for you and no clean up!
I chose the combination party so they spent time in the bouncy houses first before moving on to the Gym.  The kids had a great time bouncing around. 
 Then we moved on to the Gym.  Here they are all ready to jump in to the blocks.
Watch out below! 
 The kids all swimming around in the blocks.
 Then they did an obstacle course.  Here is Lauren on the rope jumping in to the blocks.
And Evan on the obstacle course.
 Lauren is beyond excited!
Then it was parachute time!
 Cake time!
 Here is our family picture with the birthday girl.
 The kids loved the Cake Pops.  I am really happy as they were a lot of work.  I got the idea on Pinterest and they seemed easier than they were.  They were time consuming but worth it.
 Present opening time at home.
 The cake pops.
 And of course the Hello Kitty cake I made.
 The Hello Kitty Cupcakes!
Everyone had a great time and thanks to the GymStreet USA staff for taking care of all the details including ordering the pizza, running the activities and serving the pizza and cake.

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Kristen White said...

Looks like a great party. I have a 5 year old party for my son this weekend! Lego themed. :) Good job on the cake.