Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20/12: Shriner's Circus in Wilmington, MA

Every year during April vacation we always go to the Shriner's Circus.  It is a great value as all tickets are only $10.  The kids always seem to love the show, so this is our 5th time going.
 Here they are with the elephant behind them.  You could ride the elephant for $10 a person.  What I always notice is that the tickets are cheap but then they get you when you get in there.  To take a little train ride around one of the rings was $7 and to bounce in a bounce house was $5.  It got me thinking I should blow up our bounce house outside and charge $3 a person for kids to bounce.  I could make a fortune.  :-)
 Ready for the show!  It was funny to compare prices of light up things to last night when we went to Disney on Ice.  At the Disney show light up wands were $22, at this show they were $10 and much larger.
 We really enjoyed this guy.  Those are all chairs he stacked up!
 Would you believe this is a person inn a box.  Then another girl climbed in too!
 Evan with one of the clowns.
 The Clowns being silly.
 And of course the Elephant!
 What a great show!

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