Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/10/12: Assassin's Creed III Amazon Gold Box Deal

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One gift I struggle with every year is getting something for my husband.  If we need something during the year we just buy it, so it is hard to find something that he would want but doesn't already have.
Now that we have a PlayStation 3, which I purchased a few years ago on Black Friday for my husband, it gives me some fun games to buy for him.  Assassin's Creed III is a game that I think he would enjoy.  By just looking at the trailers it looks very well made and the graphics look awesome.  It is the type of role playing game my husband likes to play with a story.  Plus growing up in Boston it is always fun to see us depicted in the game.  I saw on some of the maps there is  the Boston Harbor and Boston's North End.
 Photos Credited to the Ubisoft Assassin's Creed III Page.
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Some information from Ubisoft about the game:


Designed from the ground up over more than two years, Assassin’s Creed III takes one of gaming’s most beloved franchises to new heights.
The year is 1775. The American colonies are about to revolt. You are Connor, an assassin who has sworn to secure liberty for his people and his nation. To do so, you will hunt your enemies across a staggeringly large, open, and realistic world. You will unleash your lethal skills in a violent quest that will take you from chaotic city streets to blood-soaked battlefields in the hostile American wilderness and beyond. You will meet legendary heroes of American history, and together you will conspire to annihilate those who threaten Liberty itself.
Whether you use your predatory instincts to kill silently, or your fearsome arsenal to kill openly, one thing is clear: the world that the Assassins live in has become far more deadly. And so have you.
Here is a preview of the game:

You can learn more on the Ubisoft Page.

You can buy Assassin's Creed for Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, WiiU, PC and Xbox 360 on Amazon.  Follow them on Twitter: @assassinscreed and @Ubisoft  Like them on Facebook:


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