Monday, December 24, 2012

12/24/12: Edaville USA Festival of Lights Fun

My son absolutely loves trains.  In fact he asked Santa for a real train this year.  He specifically means one of the smaller trains that go on the metal rails.  He loves seeing them setup and of course he loves seeing the real trains at Edaville USA.  We go every year for their Christmas Festival of Lights.  They have added Polar Express Train rides last year.  Check out their website or Facebook page for times, prices and details.  This year's trip was especially exciting as we saw the steam train.  Evan was extremely excited to see it coming around the tracks.
Here is a good picture I took of it.
 We like to get there early and take the train twice.  Once during the light hours and once later in the night with the lights.  This is a great tip since when you take the train earlier in the day the train is empty and you can have your pick of spots and see everything in the light.  On the weekends they are open at 2 and the train starts running at 3.
 Here are the kids pointing everything out during the day.
 Daytime view of the steam train going around the tracks.
View of some of the decorations. 
Santa in a fire truck. 
Santa checking his list twice. 
Plus you can go an visit with Santa.  We had a very short line which was nice. 
The kids mixing in with the Gingerbread Girl and Snowman.
Checking out he lights while on the train.
 Evan checking out the lights.
Some of the lights.
Plus there are rides.  The kids love riding the planes together.
And the carosel.
YUM!  Blue Raspberry Candy Apples.  We had to buy two.
The cool boxes with decorations in them and scenes.
It was another magical trip to Edaville.  Can't wait to go again.
 Love it!
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Disclosure:  Tickets were provided to me for review purposes of Festival of Lights.  No other compensation was received.

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