Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12/26/12: Christmas Fun

Here are some highlights from our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities.  Here are the kids on Christmas Eve.
 Here they are with Fred our dog.
 A family picture.
 The kids then did a Christmas Eve show for us where they sang and danced.
Then Santa arrived.  He arrives at our house on Christmas Eve to drop off presents and waves from outside to the kids.  Here is Evan very excited with his new train!
 And Lauren with her Monster High Doll that lights up.
 Opening presents is so much fun.
 Fun unwrapping presents.
 Then on Christmas morning the kids open stockings from Santa that he delivered and the rest of their presents.
 Even Fred gets some presents!
 Evan very excited about his 3DS XL pre-loaded with Mario Kart.  Even I think this 3DS is pretty cool.
Evan opening an Angry Birds hot wheels set.
 Lauren all with all her Hello Kitty stuff.
Now with all of the cousins.
 Christmas hugs to all.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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