Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/20/12: Heelys Socialite Cute Shoes for Girls

I posted previously about back to school Heelys.  The last post was about a pair of Heelys for boys but this time I wanted to highlight a cool looking pair of Heelys for girls. 
How cute are these Heelys style Socialite?  They are designed like Mary Janes and with the purple flower my daughter was in love!  You probably expect designs that look like sneakers from Heelys but I bet you didn't expect this super cute design. 
They are super cute.  Heelys are for the whole family.  I have a pair, Evan has a pair and now Lauren has a pair.   
Lauren showing me how awesome they look. 
 Here are Lauren and Evan showing off their super cool Heelys.
Lauren showing me how she can skate with her Heelys.  She needs some practice but she especially enjoyed when I held both of her hands and she could slide between my legs.  She was giggling away and saying again, again. 
It was super easy to pop in the wheels and take them off.  There is even an instructional video online.
You can purchase Heelys through Heelys' online shop, as well as through popular online retailers, such as Zappos and Amazon.
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Disclosure:  Heelys were provided to me for my daughter to review.  All opinions stated are my own and no other compensation was received for my review.

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