Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/17/13: Fairy Tale High Dolls

Lauren loves dolls of all kinds.  I noticed lately though she is more in to the more mature looking dolls.  Fairy Tale High dolls are your favorite princesses but in a modern-day high school setting.  They are hip and how they may have been before they became princesses and are next up in my Holiday Gift Guide.
When I saw them for the first time at Time to Play Mag's Holiday Showcase in NY I knew this would be a doll Lauren would love.  Plus they have webisodes on line that you can watch.
 She is at an age now at 6 years old that she still likes princesses but also is starting to grow out of them.  She was having fun pretending the three of them went to school together and were friends.
 We received Teen Tinker Bell, Teen Belle and Teen Little Mermaid.  Funny enough when I read their bios I learned that these three are BFFs.  Of course now Lauren is asking me for all of them.
Lauren was having fun checking out their style.  She has decided that Belle is her favorite as she is really in to leopard print right now and that is what type of skirt she has on.  Plus she also loves braids so she loved her braid complete with yellow flower.
 She always enjoys doing her dolls hair so she was having fun fixing the Little Mermaids hair.  She really liked the two tone.  Apparently she has gotten some highlights.  Plus she is Captain of the Swim Team which I would have expected.
 Of course the girls have to chat at school.  It is fun to imagine what it would be like to go to school with Tinker Bell or Little Mermaid before they knew they were princesses.  They are just normal High School students doing fun activities like everyone else.  They go to school at a performing arts high school (which makes me think of Victorious).
 Then she decided that Tinker Bell had to learn some gymnastics.  Here she is getting in position for her hand stand.
 Kicking up in to her hand stand.
 Ta Da!  She did it!  She is a natural.
 I think Lauren has some new friends to play pretend with.
 These dolls are available nationwide in Toys R Us and select WalMart stores along with Amazon,,, and  They retail for $17.99 per doll.  Here are Fairy Tale High Dolls as packaged.  
Find them online:
Twitter: @fairytalehs
Disclosure:  I received these 3 Fairy Tale High dolls for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 

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