Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10/23/13: Brilliant Sky Toys Books 2013 Brilliance Awards

Next up in my Holiday Gift Guide are toys from Brilliant Sky Toys &  Books specialty stores.  This wonderful Toy and Book store has concierge-style superior customer service, free gift wrap and wide range of fabulous finds. They have done some of the work to figure out some great toys for the holidays with their 4th annual Brilliance Awards.  This list is chosen by the toy store franchise chain featuring a dozen perfect playthings that are "toys that represent the very ideals that Brilliant Sky Toys & Books was founded upon - the importance of quality, the value of open-ended play and the simple beauty of a child's fascination and delight."  We were lucky enough to receive two items for us to feature from the list. 

I love the idea of using kids imagination.  I feel like our kids are constantly on electronics.  The toys on the list are also affordable at prices from $12.99 to $84.99.  I am going to feature a few items we received.  Lego City Brickmaster ($29.99) for the future engineer.  Being an engineer myself and knowing my son's love of building I knew this would be a hit.  He is constantly building with blocks, and playing with vehicles so this is the perfect combination.
 I love that it allows you to build several different cool vehicles.  Plus these vehicles have a small enough set of directions that he could make them on his own. 
 It has step by step instructions and also comics to read. I love that it combined blocks with reading. 
I also love that Brilliant Sky has created numerous product review videos so you can learn more about the toys and books before you buy.
 It comes with more than 130 bricks and two mini figures.
 Evan had an awesome time creating and is continuing to play with it and change vehicles.  I think it was a wonderful pick.
 Here it is as packaged.
We also received the book How Big Is The Lion? which is $14.95.  The kids immediately pulled the ruler out and started measuring things in the book.  Both of them wanted to read it immediately and start measuring how big the different animals are.  It is perfect for younger children, but even mine at 6 and 8 had fun with it.  
Here are their locations so you can go to their shop for your holiday shopping.
Disclosure:  I received these two items for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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