Sunday, October 27, 2013

10/27/13: 8th Annual Monster Mash Halloween Costume Party

Every year we have Evan and Lauren's Monster Mash Halloween Costume Party.  Today we had our party and had a ton of fun making crafts, playing games, and decorating cupcakes.
 Even Fred dressed up this year as a Hot Dog.  Here he is with the kids ready for the party.
 The kids were very excited to welcome their friends for some fun.
 Ready for pizza with fun Halloween music playing in the background.
 All the kids looked adorable in their costumes.
 Evan looking adorable as always.
 Fred the Hot Dog!
 Having fun with craft time.  We made little hanging bats/ghosts/pumpkins/cats and also a ghost little decoration.
 Some finished crafts.
 Evan and his buddy Molly.
 They are all so adorable!
 Unbelievable having them all in one place.
 Decorating cupcakes time.
 Here is the cake.  It is so easy to make with Oreo cookie crumbs as the dirt and chocolate frosting and yellow cake.
 What a fun party!  Can't wait till next years!

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