Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28/14: My Magical Mermaid from Zuru Toys

My kids love to play with water toys.  We recently received My Magical Mermaid from Zuru toys.  She is a beautiful little mermaid that swims in the water.  These mermaids are a part of the Robo Line that also includes Robo Fish.  Lauren thought she was beuatiful and couldn't wait to play with her.
We received Corissa.  Here she is with her tail rings and she also comes with extra batteries.  The tail weights can be switched out to weigh her down more or less.
She has two styles of swimming.  You can drop her straight down and watch her swim back up with the weighted ring on her, or she can do the backstroke without any weights.
  Lauren giggling away watching her swim.  She really enjoyed playing with her and can't wait to take her in the bath tub with her.  She worked very easily and very well.
 Here she is without the weights swimming on her back.  You can position her arms up or down.  She is activated by being put in to the water and giving her a little shake.  She does have a power save mode that I really like.  After four minutes in the water she will turn to power save and shut herself off.  To reactivate just take her out of the water for 5 seconds and shake off excess water.  Then she is ready to go again.
My Magical Mermaid is available in 4 different colors.  A play set is also available where your very own mermaid can swim around her very own water wonderland complete with coral and pink base with a sand-like finish!  There are color changing LED lights in the water wonderland play set transform the water into an enchanting environment for each mermaid to embark on their underwater adventure.  Here she is as packaged.
Disclosure:  I received My Magical Mermaid for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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