Saturday, August 2, 2014

8/2/14: PTC Family Day at my Work

My company had a Family Day this week and the kids couldn't wait to go back.  I have been working for PTC for 16 years.  PTC is a software company that started out making Computer Aided Design software called Pro/ENGINEER but has grown in to enterprise software and more over the years. I work there as a Project Manager.  
Here you can see Creo which is our CAD tool to do 3D modeling.
The kids thought it was really cool. 
 They loved using the touch screen to interact with the 3D model.
 Here is a picture of one of the buildings in our campus.  We have three buildings with a pond behind which is lovely to go running or walking around.
First, we headed over to the area that had all of the FIRST robots.  I judge FTC competitions so it is always fun for the kids to see of the robots that are built for competitions.  This is all Evan has been talking about since last year.  He loves the robots!
They also had a solar car in our lobby which was pretty cool.
The kids also liked that they were able to get their own badge.  They spent the day swiping it to get in to doors.  Little did they know all the doors were unlocked for Family Day.
We then headed over to my office.  They got to draw on my white board which they love to do.
 They liked looking at all the pictures and things in my office.
Plus there was hair wrapping.
 There was someone doing face painting but they left some of us decided to try to paint on our own.  Luckily Evan asked for something easy.
 They did a great job providing lots of fun for the kids including a scavenger hunt, balloon animals, lunch provided by the Red Bones, and interactive exhibits.  
 What a fun day.  I am so glad I was able to share it with my family!  Thanks PTC for 16 years and hope to see another 16.  You have already given me lots of great memories.
I miss my Pro/INTRALINK Support Team.  We rocked!

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