Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/14: Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Fire Blastin' Dusty

Evan absolutely loved Disney Pixar's Cars, now with Planes there is a new world of fun in the air.  The beloved Dusty Crophopper has inspired a fun new toy.  With a trip to Walt Disney World within the next few days I knew it was the perfect time to play with his Fire Blastin' Dusty toy.
The toy has a very clever mechanism to scoop up the balls.  It even offers storage under the plan in the pontoons.
 You can ride him around and he picks up the "water" balls.  It comes with 6 of them and 3 flames.
The water balls shoot out from the plane by pulling the lever.  It is really easy for kids to use and is intended for kids 3 and up.
Dusty also says phrases and makes sounds.  He responds to being tilted from side to side and when the trigger is pulled to shoot water balls.  He says 20 different phrases.
Here you can see the balls feed in from the bottom and are pushed up and around.
 He is really cute.
Evan aiming to fire.  If they do hit you they do not hurt.
 Our dog Fred liked it too.
 Here you can see it as packaged.  It is made by Mattel and suggested retail is $49.99 and it is sold at all major toy retailers.
The Sky is the Limit with Fire Blastin' Dusty.  I am sure your kids will love him!
Disclosure:  I received this Disney Planes Fire Blastin' Dusty for review purposes from Disney Consumer Products.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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