Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28/14: Tomodachi Life 3DS Game at Best Buy

My kids love creating virtual worlds in games.  When we received Tomodachi Life from Best Buy for their Nintendo 3DS I knew they would love it.  The kids loved playing with their characters and watching how they reacted to different situations.
I could hear constant giggling as they customized their Miis and had fun interacting.  They also enjoyed taking pictures of them.  The characters are so adorable and have so many options to add to them.  It is fun to see them sing, fall in love and even chase food around.  Every few minutes I would hear Evan calling Lauren or Lauren calling Evan to see what was going on.

The kids even wrote silly songs and watched their Miis perform.
They can wear all different outfits and be as funny as you want.
They can even eat and see their reactions if they like the food or dislike it.  Donuts are a big hit.
Miis can even fall in love and get married.  They can have kids and you can watch them grow.  
They can even escape to Space.  This was one of my son's favorites.
This game is available on the 3DS and 2DS systems.  My kids played on our 3DS but the 2DS also plays the great 3DS and DS games.  You can even take videos and pictures on the 2DS.  The 2DS and 3DS are great gaming systems.  We have had ours for a year and a half and the kids love playing on them.  
Best Buy also has the following offers coming up:
8/29/2014 – 9/1/2014 - Online only Nintendo 2DS system - Save $30 (regularly $129.99 with savings only $99.99!
8/31/2014– Online only ––Save $5 on select 3DS games.
My kids have only reached the tip of the ice berg and I know they will be playing this for a while.

Disclosure:  I was compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for this review and the Tomodachi Life Game.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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