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8/8/14: Roger Williams Zoo Alex and Ani Farmyard

Going to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI is always so much fun.  Plus every time we go there seems to be something new.  This visit it was the new Alex and Ani Farmyard which just opened.
As you enter the Farmyard there is a tractor.  The kids love to sit on tractors so they were excited.
Lauren on the tractor too.
There was also a little egg area.
And a spot to "milk" or spray water out of a cow.  These are thanks to Munroe Dairy in RI.
Both kids tried their hand at it.
Right next to this barnyard area there is another building that looks to be a new area.  Not sure what will be there.
We walked through the barn and checked out the animals.  This is Willy the Donkey.  How adorable is he?
Lauren really liked him.
There were some Alpacas.
Here you can see a view from outside this farm area.
Then we headed in to the farmyard.  In this penned area you can pet/brush the goats.  You can feed them but you can only do this from outside the fence.
Both kids had fun brushing and petting the goats.
Evan brushing the goat.
We then went outside the gate and bought some food for the goats.  Remember to bring quarters as it is fifty cents per handful of food.
Lauren feeding them.
She got quite a following of many goats.
I love how she giggled as she fed them.
Now on to the rest of the zoo as there is so much to see.  Lauren and I really liked the giraffes.  There is also a Giraffe Feeding that you can sign up for in advance.  You can see details here.
Hello Mr. Giraffe.
I love how they are so close to you.
All three giraffes.
We saw Zebras.
This Crane is our favorite.  The kids love playing with him.
If you put your finger to the window he will follow it.
He was very vocal this time.  Here is some video of him.
Then we went to see the Elephants.  They were inside being washed, fed, and interacting with their trainers.
They are so cool!
Love this elephant.
We saw them again later outside.
The kids posing with an elephant statue.
My favorite animal is the Red Panda.  He is so adorable.
Look at that cute little face!
We saw Sea Lions.
After lunch the kids wanted to pose with the dog statue.
They have Flamingos.
A really cool tortoise.
Hey it isn't hump day but we did get to see camels.
There is also a Butterfly Habitat you can go in.  We didn't go in but the kids did take this cute picture outside of it.  There is an extra charge for the butterfly exhibit.
Last but not least we went to the Hasbro's Big Backyard area.
There is a water area there with a spot to change in to bathing suits.
My kids decided to get really wet.  Had I known I might have brought their bathing suits but we made do and went in to the bathroom after and used the hand dryer to dry them a little.
In this area is also the CVS Caremark All Kids Can Treehouse.
Plus this beyond the fence play area.
It really is a wonderful Zoo and I highly suggest going there this summer or fall.  Don't forget to check out the awesome Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in October.  It is a must see!
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Twitter: @RWPZoo
Disclosure:  I received 4 tickets to the Roger Williams Park Zoo for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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