Tuesday, August 23, 2016

8/23/16: Groupon makes it easy to save on fun activities for your family

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  As always all opinions are my own.
My family goes to a lot of fun places and we see a lot of great shows.  I have always felt that experiences mean more than material goods.  Memories are so wonderful to have and I feel like I give my kids so many wonderful memories by traveling to attractions and going to shows.  However, going to attractions, zoos, show, and fun activities with the kids is very expensive.  I always look for ways to save money so we can enjoy more for less.  Groupon has always been one of the sites I check first.  If you have not used it you must check out Groupon Things to Do to find activities in your area to save money on.  It is a fantastic way to go to activities with the family and not feel guilty about the money being spent.
This is such a great way to save money locally and when you are travelling.  You can search for places to go in the city you will be travelling to and find lots of great discounts.  There are so many cool things on there like water parks, live shows such as Disney Live, whale watches, mini-golf, concerts, festivals, paintball and more.  There are so many places to go with a discount.  I have used it many times and it is so easy.  When I used it for glow mini-golf I just printed the voucer and showed it to them at the counter and we were good to go.  You can also go online and get the voucher when you visit the location.
Who doesn't love to save money and have fun?  Check them out!
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