Thursday, August 4, 2016

8/4/16: Wildcat Inn and Tavern Lovely Outdoor Dining

A sister resort of the Kearsarge Inn is the Wildcat Inn And Tavern in Jackson, New Hampshire.  We got to visit and experience their dining.  When we arrived we were given three options of where we could eat.  This included the tavern, inside or outside.  It was a beautiful night so we decided to enjoy the outdoor dining option.  What a gorgeous setting!
The tables were really spread apart so you felt on your own in this lovely setting.  The kids got right to coloring.
It had been a long day at Story Land so I decided that a drink was in order.  There were two types of Sangria - red and white.  I tried the red and it was really refreshing. 
My husband got the white peach sangria and also enjoyed it.
The kids spotted this carved bear in the dining area outside and wanted to take a picture with him.
Here is another view of the flowers as you are facing the dining area and Inn.
Here you can see the kids at the table.  They had such beautiful flowers.
I thought this area was really cute outside too.
I started my meal with a crock of french onion soup.  It was really good.  Probably one of the best french onion soups I had.  The cheese was nice and stretchy as you would expect and there were lots of onions and bread in the broth.
I got the grilled beef tips marinated in teriyaki sauce.  They were so tender and the sauce on top was amazing.  I got the red bliss mashed potatoes which were also really good and creamy.  You can see their Dinner Menu here.
My husband got one of their chicken specials and enjoyed it.  My son also loves chicken and had a few pieces.  There are several specials on different nights.  Plus if you like lobster on Tuesday they have a lobster dinner special.
My son has recently got in to eating steak so he decided to get the kid's steak tips.  It did have a teriyaki sauce on it which would usually be a problem for him however he liked it.  This says a lot as Evan can be very picky.
Lauren got the quesadilla and thought it was really good.  In fact we had recently eaten at a Mexican restaurant and she thought this one was better.
We finished up with the Tiramisu.  My husband is Italian and thought it didn't taste like the typical Tiramisu however it was really good.  The kids even had some and the plate was empty when we finished.
There is also dining on "The Porch".  I went inside to take some pictures so you could see other options of dining.
Here is a few of the tables on the porch.
I thought this little Red Room Bar was quaint.
Here is another area in the dining room.
I thought this was really pretty inside.
I also peeked in on the Tavern.  Look at how adorable this is!  I love the little ski lift seat.
Here is another view in the Tavern.

There was also live music when we were there in the Tavern.
I highly recommend trying out the Wildcat Inn and Tavern for dining or to stay at if you are in the White Mountains.
Find them online:
Disclosure:  I was provided dinner and drinks for my family for review purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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