Saturday, August 6, 2016

8/6/16: Top Ten Reasons to Visit Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH

We have been going to Santa's Village for many years and it is one of my family's favorite amusement parks to visit.  Here are my Top Ten Reasons to Visit Santa's Village!
10.  Awesome rides!  There are so many great rides for kids young and old.
The kids love You Tubing!  This race down hill is so much fun.
Evan and Lauren were neck and neck and raced to a photo finish.
There are always new rides being built.  Here is Poogee Penguin's Spin Out Coaster.
The Penguins spin as they go around the track.
Evan and Daddy having fun spraying on Hot Shots Fire Brigade.
Both of my kids love the Antique Cars.  They love that you go through a little car wash and they blow bubbles at you.
Lauren's favorite ride is Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster!  This roller coaster takes you around the track two times.  It is so much fun and good for younger kids.
Other favorites are the Yule Log Flume which we had a blast on.  My husband's favorite is the Bumper Cars.  He says they have the best track.  The Skyway Sleigh is lots of fun too.  Just make sure to remember the magic words to get started "Up up and away".
9.  The Elfabet Game!  Every year my kids do this.  Kids search for 26 Elves throughout the park and punch their card until they finish and receive their diploma and a little prize.
Here is an example of an Elf that you would put your card in to punch.
The proud Elfabet University Graduates with their diplomas!
8.  The Water Park!  Ho Ho H2O is a lot of fun and a great place to cool off on a hot day.
It has a beautiful changing area that is really clean.
Lauren having fun on the water slide.
Evan cooling off.
A beautiful little splash pad area for the smaller kids.
7.  Great shows!  There are great shows throughout the park.  Here we got to meet some of the Elves from one of the shows.
6.  Tasty treats!  The kids love going to make a Ginger Bread Girl or Boy.
Lauren you are going to get a belly ache!
5.  Great Photograph Opportunities!  This is a new Snow Man that was added this year.  He is adorable!
This bunny has been there forever.
Being silly!  The Gingerbread Family!
The sleigh out front.
Both kids seeing how big they are getting!
4.  Where else can you have a chat with Rudolph?
3.  Beautiful scenery and grounds!  With the mountains in the background what a gorgeous view.
Absolutely lovely!
Recently built ticket area.
Gorgeous flowers.
Even the trash cans are cleverly disguised as Penguins.
 2.  Feeding the reindeer!  This is my absolute favorite thing to do at Santa's Village!
You can purchase little treats for the reindeer including carrots and apples.
They are so adorable!
Hey buddy!
Love the coloring on this one.
And the Top Reason to visit....
1.  Santa!!!!!  You can't beat getting your Christmas wish list in early and seeing the big man himself!
So cute watching them talk to Santa.  If you have never been you have to go!

Disclosure:  I was provided with tickets for my family to go to Santa's Village for promotional purposes.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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