Thursday, August 4, 2016

8/4/16: Attitash On-Mountain Adventures

Summer is a great time to get outside, explore, and have fun.  We got to have a blast recently at Attitash Mountain!  They are not just for skiing, they have tons of fun things to do in the summer.
We had the Attitash Attraction Park admission.  It includes the Alpine Slide, Mountain Coaster, Scenic Charlift, Slacklines, Euro-Bungy Trampolines, Climbing Wall, Airbag Jump, and all water activities.  We started out with the Mountain Coaster!
You can go with two if you have a smaller child so I went with Lauren.  You are able to control the speed of the coaster by pulling up or pushing down on the bars.
Here we are starting on our ride.  It is a pretty long coaster. 
It takes you through trees and beautiful scenery.
It was so much fun!!!
Then we headed up on the chairlift to go down the Alpine Slide.
The chairlift is so scenic as you get to be above the mountain looking down.
We even got a preview of the Alpine Slide.  The slide is really long.  It was a much longer ride than I expected.
Absolutely beautiful!
We reached the top which had gorgeous views.
We took a few minutes to enjoy the view before heading down on the slide.
We grabbed some little sleds and hit the slide.
Here are the kids ready to go.
You hold on to the stick in the front to slow you down or speed you up.  
Lovely view!
One hint I will give you is start out at a good pace or else you will get stuck on a flat part near the beginning.  I personally had this issue as I was going to slow to take pictures and then had to pull myself along the short flat area before I could get going again.  Here is John heading down.
The kids giving me a smile for a picture.
Then we headed to the Euro-Bungy Trampolines.  Check out these smiles as they jumped for joy!
Here are some other things that you can do.  My kids didn't do this but it looked super fun.  You really need to have a bathing suit on for the Airbag Jump as it has water spraying on it.
There was also this super cute kiddie pool area.
Multiple cool water slides.
Plus a climbing wall and slack lines to walk across.  There is also a Zip Tour which is a separate fee.  It is the longest Zip Line in New Hampshire!
I highly suggest checking them out.  Find them online:
Disclosure:  I was provided with four park tickets to the Attitash On-Mountain Adventures for promotional purposes from the New Hampshire Travel Bureau.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my won.

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